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Referencias de clientes

Consulta que dicen nuestros clientes sobre nosotros

Lorenzo Delpani.jpg

Lorenzo Delpani
Revlon former President & CEO
Entrepreneur and investor

A company with high integrity that will fight for the client and give its best to  make your event more memorable and successful. Particularly good when you need new ideas and inspiration, but also effective when you just need volume bookings. I worked with them in three companies, Reckitt Benckiser, Colomer and Revlon and they always delivered above expectations...

Carlos Esteban.jpg

Carlos Esteban
Director de RR.HH y RSC de Zurich España BCN

When we have needed an innovative event and an impeccable execution, we have entrusted Abile events because of their high quality services, closeness, agility and innovative ideas. A true partner for us!


Gianni Pieraccioni NYC,
Former Chief Operating Officer Revlon
Former Chief Commercial Officer, Alitalia
Forcer CEO od Averna, Binda, Sector Group
Former Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Italy
Former President of Pepsi-Cola Brazil

I have worked with this fine Marketing & Event Agency in many occasions during the past 4 years, in my duty of Chief Operation Officer of Revlon, Inc.. We resorted to their services for promotion campaings, management of events of any size and scope (from office parties to key executive meetings, all the way up to major customer conventions and shows of thousands of participants), and even engaged them developing new business model.


They always demostarted a clear and sharp understanding of our needs, tremendous customer service orientation, terrific creativity and the typical can-do attitude and sense of urgency that made them overcome all obstacles, no matter what. We engaged them in several international activities, both in Europe and in the US, and they were always capable of providing the right support and often go the extra-mile , showing international flair and experience.


I would definitely recommend considering them as key agency of choice.



Gianni Pieraccioni


Stephanie Ledger
 International Marketing Manager, Revlon, LONDON

I would like to personally thank you for your amazing management of the EMEA conference, you went above and beyond for us.


I look forward to working with you again!


Many Many Thanks, Stephanie



Roberto Simón

As a recommendation, I worked at the Colomer Group and Revlon over 15 years and we specifically had Abile doing our events for the last 7-8 years while I was there. Abile is a great company, with excellent professionals, but more importantly with superior people. We did events with them in many countries. From NYC in the USA, to all our subsidiaries in Europe. And from small events (10-15 people) to very large ones (like Style Masters, with over 3,500 people). They always exceeded expectations and their dedication was always outstanding. I would recommend Abile to any company that wants to organize any kid of events.

Esteban Morales.jpeg

 Esteban Morales

Good afternoon Jordi,


I would like to thank you and all your team the great work that’s been done in our event. It was perfect!


Both preparation and execution has been excellent, and we’re very happy with the meeting’s results.


I also wanted to tell you about the feedback that the association participating shared with us, they highlighted the creativity.


Without any doubt, we’ll take you into account for future events.


Great work!




Eric Lauzat
Revlon International President, Gèneve.

This is to certify that Abile has been organizing the Style Master Show, a very important event for the company, for the last seven years. Revlon is very satisfied of the performance of Abile who has executed show and te events in a impeccable and professional manner.


Daniele Viganó
CEO and founder Mybest Group, MILAN

We’ve used Abile’s services in different and very important events of our group, from 1000 people events to 50 to 100 people meeting (the Board and Strategic Committee Meeting in Italy, Spain and also USA).


This event’s results have always been impeccable from top to bottom. When a company organizes and event like this, they always have one goal: surprise their guests and make an impact on them, always making them feel comfortable in the environment.  Thanks to Abile Events, Mónica Bravo, Jordi Agustí and their Team, we’ve reached that goal every time we used their services throughout this past 10 years.


Abile Events is very detailed-focused with every event and their guests, they’re very creative and they always come up with surprises. Also in the price range, they’re always honest.


At the end of every event we’ve done with them our guests always ask “When is the next one?”. They awake enthusiasm and passion, the same one that they put on every event.


I’m not doing them a favor writing this, I’m doing a favor to the ones who want to work with them. You’ll never go looking for another agency. Trust me!


 Cristina Fernández Soro
Executive Assistant & HR representative, Alexion, BCN

We want to share our satisfaction and congratulate you on behalf of all our colleagues and specially of our General Director. Thank you!!


Everything, from yesterday’s dinner to all the opening details (catering, ,etc.) has been perfect. Your presence also has been essential to make sure every detail was set in the right place.


It’s been a pleasure working with you!


We’ll keep in touch!


Once again, thank you very much!

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