White Summer Dinner Revlon Professional Barcelona 2018

Actualizado: 13 de mar de 2019


Date:  03/07/2018

Type of event: CENA DE GALA


Nº of people: 150

Last June, we had such a great moment organizing a White Summer Party at the RedFish on Barcelona’s Olympic Harbor, for 150 Belgian guests!

The group arrived on a sunny late afternoon at the Venue, and enjoyed a welcome cocktail on the terrace during the Director’s Speech.

The guests had then a delicious cocktail dinner with show Cooking, on the sound of DJ music and wandered around the space enjoying the views on Barcelona's beach and the sea.

A great evening came out of it, full of amusing touches and fun moments.

We’re ready for the next one !

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Gabriel ferrater 2, 0817, Barcelona


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