Culinary Workshop La Caixa Barcelona 2013

Actualizado: 4 de jun de 2019

Client: LA CAIXA Date: 13/10/2013 Type of event: GASTRONOMIC WORKSHOP Location: BARCELONA Nº of people: 40

A major financial institution requested a team-building activity with a lunch program… The challenge was to adapt the activity to the place where they were meeting at, to the budget and the time available between meetings. So our proposal was to design a gastronomic workshop in the living room of the hotel where they met! With our favorite chef on board, they enjoyed collaborative experiences that highlight the importance of applying and combining the ingredients in the right way, because their delicious (or not so delicious) dinner depended on their performance in the kitchen. At the end the dynamic, the menu and the impact in the different teams was a total success... and everything delivered!

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Gabriel ferrater 2, 0817, Barcelona


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